Due to Covid-19 many of OCF's walks were affected but OCF has decided to hold a “ NATIONAL VIRTUAL WALK/RUN FUNDRAISER INSTEAD FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST “ 

No matter where you live, no matter what your connection to oral cancer might be, now you can step up to take oral cancer down by being a part of The Oral Cancer Foundation Virtual Walk. Every step you take will help fuel the research and patient support that has made The Oral Cancer Foundation the leader in oral cancer non-profits. While the global pandemic might not allow us to be together at one of our many walk/run events, it can’t stop us from walking, biking or running, swimming, horseback raiding, yoga or treadmill at home or in our neighborhoods. It can’t stop us from becoming a force in the fight against oral cancer. The Oral Cancer Virtual Walk is your chance to stay fit, connect with others across the nation, and lead us to a world free of oral cancer.


If you would like to participate..there is still time to join the challenge or make a small donation/monetary contribution using the following link...


THANK YOU to those who have donated for my personal cause! Much love ❤️ 

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