The Human Papillomavirus is a very serious virus that can lead to oropharyngeal cancer and can effect ANYONE AND EVERYONE. I feel it is very important to raise awareness for this disease, particularly for parents of children and for the younger generation. It's important for girls and boys to receive this vaccine and for older men and women to be incredibly aware that this can come at anytime. My generation tends to be pretty sexually active, and we can get the virus at anytime. If you are sexually active and jhave had multiple partners, chances are you have it. Whether it lays dormant or pops up is a mystery. 


Awareness and education are key. Many people do not know The Oral Cancer Foundation even exists. I personally feel this is a great event to participate in to get the topic in people's ears and start a conversation on how important it is do not use any tobacco products, vaccinate your children and yourself, and just be aware of what is going on inside your mouth. We check our breasts, our reproductive organs, prostates, skin and other parts of our bodies for wellness, yet our mouths go unnoticed.



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