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I first found The Oral Cancer Foundation in June of 2007. It was right after I had been diagnosed with oral cancer in 2 spots. I was in shock, I was 44 years old and a cancer patient. I went thru 2 more rounds of oral cancer in 2008 and 2009. The third round I was Stage IV with a very slim chance for survival. The surgery left me disfigured and in a medically induced coma for 3 weeks. My hospital stay lasted 2 months and recovery was more than a full year. I know how fortunate I am to have gotten thru battling oral cancer three times. Sadly many friends have not been as lucky. It is a fast moving, deadly disease. Roughly half of all those diagnosed with oral cancer will still be alive five years later.

The Oral Cancer Foundation does wonders on a shoe string budget. Its a very small non profit group which helps to fund research projects, promote awareness and early detection thru screening events. The Oral Cancer Foundation has the world's largest online forum devoted to helping oral cancer patients and its caregivers. Its members are made up of people from all walks of life. Its because of the Oral Cancer Foundation that I am alive today. Cancer knows no boundaries. There are many younger patients who have no know cause yet they are battling oral cancer and fighting for their lives. A cure must be found!

I currently volunteer with OCF as a board administrator, patient advocate and their Director of Patient Support Services. By volunteering, it allows me to give back to other oral cancer patients and caregivers. I help guide them thru their treatments and support them with their recovery. The Oral Cancer Foundation also sends me as their representative to many of the larger walk events. At these events survivors and volunteers get together to help raise money to fund oral cancer research. I speak to the survivors, volunteers and everyone who attends the events and I give them info about oral cancer, early detection, HPV and the Guardisil vaccine.

Please help by donating what you can to help make oral cancer a thing of the past.