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Anita McGinn-Natali

Team Captain Corky's Crew Oral Cancer Virtual Fundraiser 2020

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My husband, Clark, who is known as Corky to his extended family, is an oral cancer survivor of over 12 years. I have relied on the Oral Cancer Foundation for information, have supported research and education through the Awareness Walks, and have used the forum to connect with others dealing with this disease. I am so grateful for the people I have met through OCF who helped us during the worst days. Many of these same people have become dear friends with whom we share events in our lives. We have celebrated new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, and, unfortunately, losses of those who did not survive. From 2011 through 2018, I donated my oil paintings to OCF Awareness Walks in numerous states to help raise funds. We appreciate the work that OCF does to promote education and research of this deadly and disfiguring cancer. Thank you, Brian Hill and staff, for your dedication, hard work and commitment in advancing awareness, education and research!