Cancer has taken too many people too soon. I am walking in honor of Jeff Hoyland, who captured pictures of my 2 sons for the past several years while they performed in the BHS marching band and at other town events. As a single mom working 2 jobs, I am not always able to be at all of my kids’ performances. And it crushes me when I miss a milestone moment in their lives. With Jeff on the sidelines or braving the cold and wind of marching band competitions, he was able to capture moments where my children were in their glory. My older son wearing a jabot at Prom Stroll. Me pinning my son’s boutonnière on, and my frustrated yet determined facial expression. My younger son keeping time playing his snare drum in band with his brother right behind him in the same shot with his Color Guard flag in perfect formation.  My profile pic for Facebook showing the reality of what COVID looks like when I had to wear a mask and gloves in my car.  Moments to last forever.  Snapshots I am grateful for. A role model for anyone in selflessness and pride.

I walk to honor Jeff and to support the research to end oral cancer.