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Team Captain Tom Stoves Team Washington Walk 2022

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In April, the World lost a remarkable man: a loving family man, a tireless public servant, a natural leader, and a really damn good friend.

During the span of his life, Tom had a profound influence on the lives of hundreds, possibly thousands of people.

Throughout his life and career, Tom strove to reach his potential, particularly in his chosen profession.  No matter the hurdle, he focused on being or becoming part of the solution.  His life truly epitomized a ‘job well done’. 

Tom’s life and passing epitomize how we can DO better and BE better for each other.  Tom is a role model because he spent his life adding value to others by expanding the capacity of his caring  as well as the quality of his service to his country and to his community.  Indeed, it was his mission to save lives.  During his 39 years of service as a Fire Captain and EMT with the City of Kirkland Fire and Rescue, he focused on mentoring those around him at the station.  Believing that a trained team with expertly developed abilities and a calm approach to an emergency saves more lives, he encouraged the firemen whom he captained to stay calm, composed, and professional and to develop awareness of and to become part of the solution.  After all, when people call 911, they do so because they have a major problem that they can’t handle, and thus, they must rely upon the help of caring responders.  Truly, a sense of service imbued Tom’s life.  Like Tom, we all have the choice to embrace a service mindset.

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